Here's just a small sampling of the projects we've worked on over the years.



South Lake Union, Seattle. 

Court in the square

Pioneer Square, Seattle


sears canopy

Southcenter Shopping Center, Tukwila

Suncadia lodge

Roslyn, WA

microsoft main campus

Redmond, WA

woodland park zoo hippopotamus guardrail

Seattle, WA

Chris and his team at Redmond Welders provided valuable design feedback on a fast-track project for a major aviation company in the area. Redmond Welders provided the materials for an extremely large steel testing structure, including a specialized slab embedded anchoring system with thousands of anchor points and tight allowable tolerances. The Redmond Welders team was able to heat treat the embeds in the shop after welding to maintain an 1/8” tolerance within each 20-foot length, saving significant time and labor to adjust to tolerance in the field. We were able to pick the members right off of the truck and place them at the proper location with rebar already in place. Redmond Welders also supplied specialized machinery wash steel frames and the steel for large electrical transformer buildings. The steel came out correct and on time. It was a pleasure working with Chris and his team.
— Jed Tsai, Skanska USA